Funny Fights

British Special forces
Well, that was quick
What a beast
When the employee knows how to wrestle
Sleeping two guys with ease
Swept that boy like a broom stick
Over before it started
Dude messes with guy 3x his size, gets sent to Issac Newton for a lesson in gravity
Frat boy gets slept
Dat boy hit the dash
Lil mike
Head-butt breaks his spirit and his nose
Bully Beatdown
What friends are for
He kinda swole tho :O
Dirtbiker vs. Drunk Road Rager
Bodega worker vs. Angry customer
Calmest Skate-Park in Ohio
Concert goer throw cup of piss at Asian dudes, gets his ass beat
Average Raiders Fan
Cupid’s Revenge
Saved his life to beat it out of him
That sound at the end tho :O
One punch gramps
Guy gets beat up for calling dudes the C-word
Child abuser deservedly gets beat to smithereens
Guys 2 v 1 road rager, get gun pulled on them
Zesty lil sweep
Roommate gets caught stealing
Window Wiper
When grown men watch too many Kung-Fu movies
Not so tough now eh?
Bro really tapped in a street fight
Broke his jaw wit that one
Dude gets KO’d and doesn’t believe it
Average Gen-Z NPC interaction: POV edition
Leg kicks stack up
Opened his door and ran at him