Craziest School Fight on the Planet

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    What Allegedly happened according to reddit user GrandpaRook: “This is Collins hill I went here until my junior year and dropped out. That fight was fucking crazy, kid that got slammed broke a bunch of ribs, an elbow, and had crazy brain damage. The guy that slammed him broke his knee and actually bit a fucking chunk out of the other guy. Apparently slammed raped slammers gf and slammed was a known scumbag so I don’t feel bad.”

      1. brazy Avatar

        thats crazy

  2. moe lester Avatar
    moe lester

    fuck thats crazy

  3. Snke eyes Avatar
    Snke eyes

    Is Bro trying to kill dis Nigga On god

  4. Kamkam Avatar

    I can’t do that

  5. Dev Avatar

    Nah bro cannonballed that kid

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